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A survey of the Vanguard was conducted under MOD license by a team of volunteer professional divers in 2016-17 to record the condition of the ship, after 100 years underwater.  The full report* is downloadable from the link and gives an astonishingly detailed account with some stunning images.

*Turton, E et al (2018) HMS Vanguard 100 survey 2016-2017, Survey Report 2018

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Kevin Heath of Sula Diving provided the side scan imaging of the VANGUARD wreck before any diving took place for the Centenary Survey.  The scan provided the information as to the extent of the wreckage area.

Further images and information can be found on the HMS VANGUARD 100 Survey Report.

 *photo courtesy of K Heath

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HMS VANGUARD was a veteran of the Battle of Jutland within the 4th Battle Squadron of the Grand Fleet, under Admiral Sturdee.  The Jutland Crew List project is endeavouring to compile an accurate and definitive list of crew aboard all British ships that were part of this conflict on 31st May - 1st June 1916. 
Many of the VANGUARD crew that perished in the July 1917 explosion had served during Jutland, either aboard the dreadnought, or on other ships within the fleet.

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With thanks to the following for various sections of research :-

Brian Budge

Jonathan Saunders

Gus Wookey


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