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There are 3 main Navy memorials dedicated to represent and commemorate members of the Royal Navy who have no known grave from both World Wars as well as the Vanguard Memorial situated at Lyness Cemetery, on the island of Hoy.

Situated at Chatham, Plymouth and Portsmouth, the identical naval obelisks were commissioned after the Great War with further additions made after the Second World War.  The granite cross in Orkney was completed in 1918.


Chatham Memorial has the greatest number of VANGUARD crew listed on its panels with 622 names - 

553 Royal Navy

28 RNR (Royal Navy Reserve)

3 RNVR (Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve)

36 RMLI ( Royal Marine Light Infantry)

2 Civilians

The Chatham Naval Memorial was unveiled on 26 April 1924.

Chatham Memorial.jpg


Footage taken on the 104th anniversary of Vanguard's loss aboard the M.V. Huskyan - 9th July 2021
Two flower wreaths were laid, one close to the wreckage, another near the buoy.

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