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Archibald Luck (Ch) 212819 Able Seaman.

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Archibald was born on 9th September 1885 in Hastings, Sussex to parents John (Jack) and Ann.

The family, including Archibald’s younger sister Jessie, were recorded living at Earle Street in the parish of Holy Trinity, Hastings during the 1891 census.

Leaving his job as an errand boy, Archibald joined the Navy on 28th January 1901 described as 5’7” tall with brown hair and eyes and tattoos of women on both wrists and on his left arm.

He began his training on board HMS St VINCENT as a Boy 2nd Class on 28th January 1901, leaving on 11th August 1902 as a Boy 1st Class (rising in rating on 31st October 1901).

His service record follows:

HMS AGINCOURT - 12/12/1902 - 11/11/1902

HMS VENERABLE - 12/11/1902 - 31/07/1905, rising to Able Seaman on 9th September 1903 and Ordinary Seaman on 2nd December 1904

HMS PEMBROKE - 01/08/1905 - 14/11/1905

HMS WILDFIRE - 15/11/1905 - 21/03/1906

HMS PEMBROKE - 22/03/1906 - 31/03/1906

HMS REPULSE - 01/04/1906 - 14/12/1908, spending 14 days in the cells from 31st May 1908

HMS PEMBROKE - 15/12/1908 - 22/12/1908

HMS ALBEMARLE - 23/12/1908 - 24/02/1910

HMS PEMBROKE I - 25/02/1910 - 19/09/1910

HMS ST GEORGE - 20/09/1910 - 20/05/1912 - the ST GEORGE, from 1909 was a depot ship, and HMS WEAR, a Torpedo Boat Destroyer of the 3rd Flotilla Home Fleet was were Archibald was actually stationed, anchored off Grimsby on the night of the 1911 census

HMS PEMBROKE I - 21/05/1912 - 12/08/1912

HMS FORMIDABLE - 13/08/1912 - 13/08/1913

Archibald obtained a discharge on 12th August 1913, leaving Formidable the following day….Upon the outbreak of war however, he returned to service for the duration of hostilities, returning to HMS PEMBROKE I on 03/11/1915 where he remained until 25/05/1916, retraining and waiting for a posting.

He filled the position of Able Seaman once more, joining HMS VANGUARD just a few days before the Battleship was involved in the Battle of Jutland within the Grand Fleet.

Despite being a happy ship, Archibald managed to get himself into trouble and was sentenced again to another 14 days in cells on 22nd December 1916.

Returning to rank on the 7th January, he remained with the ship until her explosion.

Although he never officially married, he named Annie Wallies to receive his pension upon his death and his Victory and British medals were awarded to his son.

(#20 - 490/843)


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